Saturday, July 18, 2009


The Hayden Kho video scandals are doing the rounds in the interwebz for quite some time now. Vicky Belo’s “on again – off again” boyfriend turned video scandal king is a pervie!

The video of Katrina Halili dancing while Hayden Kho is singing “Careless Whisper” is all over YouTube and is making big fuzz in Philippine Showbiz. But another video came out, Hayden and Katrina is on the video and they are not just dancing.

Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes video scandal

Commercial model Maricar Reyes was also a victim of the “Hayden Camera”.

Maricar Reyes recently admitted her previous relationship with Hayden Kho. She said that the relationship happened during her med school years.

“I would say it was serious, like all of my relationships. I was committed to him, we were committed to each other.”

Hayden Kho and Brazilian model video scandal

Hayden Kho’s third victim was reported to be a “Brazilian Model”. I don’t know if she’s really Brazilian because the identity of the girl hasn’t been revealed yet.

Hayden Kho and Rufa Mae Quinto video scandal

Rumor has it that Hayden Kho and actress comedienne Ruffa Mae Quinto also have a video scandal. Maybe it’s just rumors and I hope 3 girl victims should be enough already. Screw you Hayden!

Hayden Kho and Vicky Belo video scandal

Ohh! Is there any video scandal version of Hayden Kho and Vicky Belo? Personally, I think there’s a copy somewhere, because Hayden is a pervie who hides his camera behind the cabinet or door to record his activities.

Update: Hayden Kho – Vicky Belo scandal confirmed

The Hayden Kho video scandal is already in the Philippine Senate and Senator Bong Revilla is taking actions about this matter.

Please revoke his medical license!!!


1. Katrina Halili already gave her statement to the NBI and she’s ready to file a case against Hayden Kho.

2. Hayen Kho said that he is already undergoing psychiatric therapy.

3. Hayden Kho apologized

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